Inclement Weather
We do not match or follow any specific school district for inclement weather school closings.  Although all the schools may be closed, we may be open if the weather has sufficiently improved.  Please rely on our Facebook page and WTVG Channel 13 news channel and the WTVG Channel 13 website for any class cancelations due to inclement weather.

Student Absence and Class Cancelation
Tuition of any type is not credited, refunded, deducted, prorated, nor are classes rescheduled due to inclement weather, fall on our holiday breaks, or for an absent student due to illness, or any other obligatory conflict. A student is invited to make up a missed class that was missed due to illness or other obligatory conflict within 30 days of the missed class.

Artistic Director
The Artistic Director decision is final in all instruction matters of The Edge Dance Complex, LLC including but not limited to student placement, music, costumes, choreography, auditions of any type, competition venues, parade and performance venues.

Costume will not be ordered without full payment, this includes sales tax and applicable late payment fee. Once your costume is ordered, there are no refunds or credit of any type given, the costume is yours. If you fail to pay for your costume by the due date you agree to pay an additional $10.00 per costume late fee when you make your payment. If you do not include the late fee with your late payment your costume will not be ordered. If you ask The Edge Dance Complex, LLC to attempt to exchange your costume, you agree to pay all additional shipping and handling charges. The Edge Dance Complex, LLC does not have control over arrival dates, back orders, exchange turnaround times, shipping or any other fees to and from any vendor. Therefore, if you are late with your costume payment your costume may not arrive in time for the purpose it was ordered.

Account Charge Payment Order
Account payments will be applied to outstanding account charges in the following order each month:

1. Tuition
2. Costume & applicable Late Fees
Competition Fees
All other charges

Photo & Video Release

You authorize the use of photos and video of my child from any and all The Edge Dance Complex, LLC related events for any and all advertising and promotional purposes at the sole discretion of The Edge Dance Complex, LLC.

Release of Liability
As the legal parent or guardian, you understand and acknowledge that there is on and off premise risk of injury, temporary and/or permanent, or even death involved directly and indirectly with the activity for which you are registering your child. You release and hold harmless The Edge Dance Complex, LLC, its owners, operators, employees, and its building owners and operators, from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury or medical event, including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of The Edge Dance Complex, LLC, its owners and operators or in route to or from any of said premises.

We (The EDC) are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or left behind items on or off our premises.

The Edge Dance Complex, LLC reserves the right to update all policies, procedures and Payment Terms & Conditions as needed.