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Now Registering for 2023-2024
Tumbling Classes!

Classes Start August 21, 2023

Last Day to Register for all 2023-2024 Schedule Classes is September 17, 2023

*Valid Credit Card Required for Registration

Please See Our 2023-2024 Calendar For Scheduled Events


4:30-5:15, Beginning Age 5-7
5:15-6:15, Beginning Age 8 & up
6:15-7:15, Intermediate Age 8 & up
7:15-8:30 Int/Adv Age 9 & up

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4:00-4:30, Tiny Stars Age 3-4

4:30-5:15, Beginning Age 5-8

5:15-6:15, Mico Mini Company

6:15-7:15, Adv (by placement)

7:15-8:15, Int/Adv 9 & up

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4:30-5:30 Beg/Int 9 & up
5:30-6:30 Int/Adv (by placement)

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4:30-5:00, Tiny Stars Age 3-4
5:05-5:35, Twinkle Toes Age 2-3
6:30-7:15 Mini Company

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CHOOSE: 2023-2024 Schedule for These Classes When Registering

Tumbling: Classes

Now Registering for Summer 2023 Tumbling Classes

Summer Tumbling Classes Are each Thursday June 15th through July 27th.

Each Month is $55.00.

Tricks for Intermediate / Advanced EDC Dancers Only, 3:30pm-4:15pm

Advanced Tumbling, 4:15pm-5:15pm, Age 8 & up

Intermediate Tumbling, 5:15pm-6:15pm, Age 8 & up 

Beginning Tumbling, 6:15pm-7:00pm, Age 8 & up

*Valid Credit Card Required for Registration

CHOOSE: Summer 2023 for Summer Tumbling Classes When Registering

Tumbling: Text

Fliptastixs Tumbling

Twinkle Toes

For our youngest tumbler 2-3 years of age.  Introduction into the world of tumbling Teaching our littlest stars the basics of tumbling with the greatest of care.

Tiny Stars

For our young tumbler 3-4 years of age. Introduction into the world of tumbling Teaching our littlest stars the basics of tumbling with the greatest of care.

Beginner Class

We have 2 age groups: Ages 5-7 and 8 & up.
Front and back walkovers, round offs, cartwheel, hand stand.

Intermediate Class

This class is for those students that have mastered the Beginner skills.
Back handspring, front handspring, aerial, front aerial.

Advanced Class

This class is for those students that have mastered the Intermediate skills.
Round off back handspring, round off back tuck, round off double back handspring, round off back handspring back tuck.

Aerials, Tucks & More

This class is for the student who has already mastered their side Ariel and there back tuck and wants to progress to front Ariel’s, round off back tuck, back step outs, lay out step out, Arabian, full and much more. Must have strong floor skills.

Tumbling: List
Tumbling: Video

Tuition 2023-2024

Tuition - Recreational Dance & Tumbling

One Class per week is $55.00 per month. 
Each additional class per week is $35.00 per month.

Monthly rates are arrived at based on a yearly rate and divided by 10 equal payments August through May.
These tuition rates do not apply to Edge Elite Company members

We are a full year studio.  Dancers perform in two recitals.  December & June

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable $30.00 Registration Fee per household charged to your credit card when your online registration is processed. There is not a Registration Fee for Summer classes and camps.

Tuition Discounts
2 Sibling – 10% off Tuition
3+ Sibling – 15% off Tuition
Military Reserve & Active Duty – 10% off Tuition
If applicable, only one discount may be applied.
Discounts are not applicable towards Summer classes and camps.


After you “Request” your desired classes, PLEASE click on the “Submit Request” button.  All Request for classes are time and date stamped and will be processed in that order.  It is possible to request a class and then not get it because others were in the que before you.  You can add more classes later if desired from within your account.

*Valid Credit Card Required for Registration

Tumbling: Welcome
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